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Why Soul Vegan
Soul Vegan sandwiches

Jerk Tofu Wrap
Inspired by the Jamaican isles, this tangy blend of organic tofu strips, fresh spinach, juicy green peppers, and sharp onions is slathered in our exclusively prepared jerk sauce and enveloped in a spinach tortilla wrap. - High in Energy Promoted Carbohydrates - 17 g of Protein!

Jerk Steak Wrap
The seitan based counterpart to the Jerk Tofu Wrap allows you the tastiest protein option in the supermarket. Keep a napkin handy, because this tomato tortilla wrap is dripping with our special island inspired succulent blend of herbs and seasonings.

Unreal-Chicken Wrap
So why did the chicken...Never mind that, this wrap is just too good to be described with a bad joke twice. Organic tofu, shredded and slathered with our special blend of natural relish and our own soy butter, all wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla wrap.

- 16 g of Protein!
- Rich in Iron, which energizes and improves oxygen distribution to the brain and musculal cells, particularly to skeletal muscles and the heart
- Helps maintain strong bones, nerves, and muscles
Soul Food