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Why Soul Vegan
Food Crisis
Globally, 1/3 of the worlds cereal harvest, including half of all corn and 90% of all soy, is now diverted to feed animals on factory farms. In the US, 80% of soy and as much as 2/4 of our corn goes to feeding animals, not people. Nearly 50% goes to supplying domestic feed, and another 19% is exported with much of that going to feed livestock abroad. The United Nations has reported that a vegan diet can feed many more people than an animal-based diet. For instance, projections have estimated that the 1992 food supply could have fed about 6.3 billion people on a purely vegetarian diet, 4.2 billion people on a 85% vegetarian diet, or 3.2 billion people on a 75% vegetarian diet.
Meat Consumption and Cancer Risk
Soul Food