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Why Soul Vegan
Soul Vegan Entrees

BBQ Delights
Our famous veggie rib tips have delighted many meat eaters and vegans alike. Succulently sauteed strips of our homemade seitan, slathered in our own special soul food influenced BBQ sauce, and lovingly crafted to please even the most discerning of carnivores.

- A Whopping 40 g of Protein per serving
- Equivalent to 6oz steak!

Macaroni and Cheese
Made with Edenic brand locally produced, organic soy milk, our mac and cheese defies preconceptions and stimulates the senses to appreciate just how good vegan can taste.

- 9 g of Protein per serving
- No Cholesterol!!!

Layers of all natural tomato sauce, organic soy cheese, and whole wheat pasta carefully complemented by texturized vegetable protein

- 14 g of Protein!
- Good Source of Calcium and Fiber
Soul Food